Now Accepting Awesome Guest Posts

First Thing

Here’s the first thing I want you to know…my blog statistics for 2017 are looking good! I’m on track for breaking last year’s record!

Oh, I know my stats are nothing compared to bloggers like Beauty Beyond Bones. For crying out loud, she’s got 23,000 more followers than me…so you do the math. She’s also slightly better-looking that me, so… Nevertheless, my numbers are 51% of last year’s total, so I am ahead of schedule!

Awesome, right?

That is why I would like to keep things active, even though the next month or two is likely to be uber-hectic.

Second Thing

We will be moving once again, this time into the parsonage at South Soddy Baptist Church. Now, this old home hasn’t been lived in for years, and it’s in desperate need of some cleaning and repair – not to mention a few upgrades – so a lot of my time will be spent working there before moving in.

Don’t believe there’s work to be done? Here are some pics.

The back porch/laundry room.

The living room with a broken window, no lights, and some floors that need help.

The ceiling in the kitchen. The ceilings in the rest of the rooms aren’t this bad, but they need work.

The bathroom shower was evidently used in a horror movie.

What is the best way to keep out a draft? Evidently duct tape. This is the inside view of the front door.


Also, the place where we are now living is going on the market very soon, so there is work to be done here before it sells. All the work here, and at the parsonage, will be taking a lot of my time – time which will also be shared with working as a trainer for new bus drivers, studying for sermons, recording radio programs, doing lectures at the seminary, and doing a lot of visitation this summer.

When am I supposed to be writing for this blog???

Third Thing (the charming part)

Because I am going to be soooo busy this summer (Oh, and my wife and I are going on a paid-for cruise for our 50th birthdays!), and since I want to keep the viewers coming back, I need guest posts!

It’s not something I’ve done very often, but it’s been fun in the past to have guest bloggers contribute to The Recovering Legalist.Β However, now it’s more of a necessity than fun – I’m going to be too busy to post something brilliant every day.

So, if you would like to contribute entertaining, thought-provoking, God-honoring, award-worthy literature, start writing now and start submitting. Once I get enough I will start publishing them, thereby freeing me up some valuable time.

But I need your posts. Like soon. ‘Cuz I got me sum tings to be doin,’ doncha know.

Otherwise, I’ll never have enough views/stats/hits to justify renaming my blog…”Beauty Beneath the Fat.” πŸ˜‰

I’m anxiously awaiting your submissions!



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36 responses to “Now Accepting Awesome Guest Posts

  1. I think that ceiling is going to fall down! I pray God will protect you in that house. May he help you fix it. f you start to get sick, it could be mold so watch for that.

    Well, my sister kept her little truck together with duct tape, so yeah, it can keep the door air-tight I guess. Lol

    You can take any of my posts that you like or none if like. You don’t have to let me know, l’m fine with anything. May God bless you and your family as you work for him.

  2. Oh dear, that is awful!
    Funnily enough, I just published on my own blog the post I wrote for you last year as a guest blogger. I have another one in mind that I could write for you if you’d like it. It’s not about sheep this time though. πŸ™‚
    Praying blessings on your new home and that you will be able to ‘rebuild the ancient ruins’.

  3. Can’t believe the amount of work to be done at that house! Not sure I can help with guest posts as I haven’t posted on Ebs for about three weeks – time is becoming a scarcer resource than I can ever remember.

  4. Do you need new stuff, or are resposts okay?

  5. I’m new at WordPress, but you are welcome to use any of my posts you think might work.

    • That’s not how this works, my friend πŸ˜‰ I will send you an invitation to be a contributor to my blog, then you will be able to submit what YOU like (hopefully original). Then, upon approval from brilliant me, the editor in chief, I will publish your submitted post at the appropriate time (i.e., when I’m too busy to write anything for myself). Can you handle the overwhelming responsibility before you? I hope so. I only accept posts from the toughest bloggers πŸ˜‰

  6. don’t know if I’m tough or not – willing to give it a go, though …

  7. Donald Norris

    I’ll look at some of my previous posts and email them to you if you care to use them. If you do, I’ll put a post on my blog to drive my reader’s to your site.

    • The best way to do it would be for me to email you an invitation to be a contributor. That way you can get the credit on my blog and traffic can be led back to you πŸ™‚

  8. The Lord strengthen you for the work! I’m willing to contribute, if you’d like.

  9. Oh wow! BUT, are those hard word floors? Also, I’ve had the honor of writing on your site before, and please let me know if I can help at all again.

  10. I would like to contribute something for you to consider! What is your email?

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