Theology 101

A great illustration. Right down my alley.

Mitch Teemley

Presentation1A professor of religious studies informed his students on the last day of the term that not one of them had demonstrated a satisfactory understanding of Christianity. He ordered them to take out a blank sheet of paper and, in one minute, explain the theological essence of Jesus’ teachings.

The students panicked. Some wrote nothing, others wrote and erased, wrote and erased. When the professor ordered them to bring their papers forward, some were shaking, others were angry, a few were sure they’d nailed it.

The students stared in horror as the professor flipped through the sheets, muttering, “No…wrong…not even close…absurd…”

He then stood, and with a red marker scribbled an “A” on each of their papers.

“It’s grace,”he said. “Have a good summer.”

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4 responses to “Theology 101

  1. Anonymous

    Just for your edification James (The isaiah 53:5 Project) no longer gets many comments from atheists because we have concluded he is not really open to discussion.

    I tried to have a discussion with James in the past but now refuse to post his blog after my comments started to disappear.

  2. If it was not for grace were would I be now? You know my testimony on Men of One Accorrd.

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