Which Is Your Favorite? Please Comment!

Please Choose

The following drawings are ones I did for my little book Life Lessons from the School Bus.

I am planning on recreating one or two in the form of hand-drawn reprints (I will actually re-draw them).

I will call them “reriginals.” Not copies; not prints; not the original…reriginals

We have some needs, so I thought a little fund-raising through art might be fun. Trust me, they won’t be expensive, should you decide to purchase one.


So, could you help me? Hmmmm? Let me know which are your favorites!

I’m not asking you to buy anything today, just let me know which ones you like best. That way I will work on those for resell.

Leave your choice of favorite in a comment below and I would greatly appreciate it.

The Recovering Legalist’s Gallery of Fine Art













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7 responses to “Which Is Your Favorite? Please Comment!

  1. You’re awesome! And an artist, too. What fun! It’s really hard to chose but I think I like “led captive by her tongue” the best.

  2. #3 because I know the story behind it, otherwise I am partial to #4

  3. Angie Collins

    I like them all, but #2 & #6 made me lol 🙂

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