Has Revolution Replaced Revival?

The author of the following post just subscribed to mine today. So, when I went to look at his, the first post I read was this one, and man did it hit the mark! I highly recommend you reading it. He makes some brilliant observations.


I am a veteran of a revolutionary war. I am not sure how many casualties were inflicted as a direct or indirect result of this conflict but I personally witnessed the pain and division it caused. As in many of the latest revolutions designed to bring church to the unchurched, my war, the worship war, was a fight to establish a new way of doing things.

Let me be clear; the church often suffers from tradition for the sake of tradition. The church has paid the price for creating doctrine out of habits and theology out of life experience. That being said it is just as easy to create new doctrine out of new habits and new theology out of new experiences.

Have we created a doctrine of change driven by a theology of proven success?

Do we seek a new way of doing things rather than a renewed connection…

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