I’m Not Shining; I’m Reflecting

because I read another poem about the moon personified…and I’m in between bus routes…

“It’s Not My Light”

I know that  you see me, and you think that I can shine. 

But the light is a reflection, which is why I’m called the “lesser.” The brightness that you see is his, not mine. 

Had the light you see been coming straight from me, perfection would be all the beam would show. 

But here the surface is laid bare before each telescopic stare, made evident each night within the glow. 

I do not shine, I just reflect. 



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6 responses to “I’m Not Shining; I’m Reflecting

  1. I’m impressed! The message is so important. I need some more of the grime wiped off so I can reflect better.

    • The sermon is developing. The hope and assurance is that even though our flaws, our craters, may be exposed when we allow His light to reflect upon us, we can still shine with His light and reprove the darkness. The Bible says that those who love God come to the Light, but others love darkness rather than light, lest their deeds be exposed. In order to be a witness to the Light we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable, exposed. But when that happens, even though we may have our flaws pointed out, even named, light is still being reflected into the darkness, leading men to safety. As part of a wider point, revival (growing closer to Christ) which makes us brighter reflections of Jesus will come at a cost to our own pride and tendency to hide in the dark.

      • Yaow! this is great stuff. Meaning that my exposure, something that is so feared, is something God would use to His glory. Please post a link to the sermon.

  2. I love this! So simple, yet so powerful. Our purpose is not to shine, rather it is to reflect.

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