A Proper Response

Dear friends, my heart breaks as I think of my own daughter going through something like this: A little girl, asleep in her own room, savagely attacked by an Islamic terrorist, and murdered – all in the name of “peace.”

At least Benjamin Netanyahu gave a proper response.


Had this happened in America… wait, things like this do happen in America, but the narrative prohibits the press – especially our President – from calling it what it is: Islamic terrorism.

But had this specific incident happened here, odds are we would have never heard about it, just like the honor killings that never get reported.


And, had the opposite happened – had a Jewish terrorist sneaked into a Palestinian little girl’s room and cut her throat (yeah, like that’s a huge problem facing the world) – Palestinians and Muslims all over the globe would be rioting in the streets, burning businesses, and beating innocent people in the streets…all this while the media called out for the end of the Israeli state and the destruction of Western democracy – because the alternative (Islamic theocracy) is a much better option.

What? They do that already? My bad.

And of the opposite? How many Jewish or Christian suicide bombers have you heard of? How many Jews or Christians have systematically removed the heads of peaceful non-believers? How many Southern Baptists have shot up gay bars?

Anyway, that’s my two cents.


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3 responses to “A Proper Response

  1. Charise Collins

    “Church Member Charged in Fatal Shooting after Victim Wouldn’t Give Up Seat” – I think people are just crazy anymore, no matter what guise of religion they may take. Man is man in all his destructive chaos. Now, we ladies on the other hand – we need to just take over a and make things right and good! That’s what I think. Maybe Hilary can start that off…wait, maybe not that one, maybe a different lady. But yeah, it’s time women put things to right.

    • Well, as percentages go, one crazy church member does not a Christian jihad make. Now, if we had Independent Baptists regularly shooting Southern Baptists, then we might have a more legitimate comparison. That being said, I would take pretty much any woman for president beside Hillary Clinton.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    This was a brutal, unbelievable crime. There is a protectionism that is afforded those who are Islamist in the world today. We see this in Europe where the police apparently do nothing and look the other way if the crime has been committed by an incoming refugee from the Middle East.
    When the wicked rule the people mourn and go into hiding, when the righteous rule the people rejoice the Bible says. The fault seems to be a lack of the process of justice against lawbreakers or perhaps a lack of being able to process justice because of the large numbers. Europe has been swarmed by lawlessness.
    What this shows us is that without the Holy Spirit in us and in the world there is barbarism. What restrains Israel is perhaps Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in their history. The Law was given to Jews by God.
    One comment I did hear. Israel is very protectionist against marriage with other peoples and nations. They believe in a pure bloodline apparently. This contradicts Benjamin Netanyahu’s declaration of acceptance and inclusion of all religion and people of the world. We need to be aware that there are two sides to every coin but the coin is the same one.

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