The Ruse of Ark-Hating

Last week I became aware of a full-size replica of Noah’s Ark that is about to set sail for Brazil, and later to America. It is gigantic, And just like the original, it’s gigantic, even able to carry 5,000 people.

But, it also cost a boat load of money to build. On top of that, there’s the money Johan Huibers (the builder) and the Ark of Noah Foundation will need to transport it to different locations where it will serve as a religious attraction meant to share the story of Genesis, the Flood, and the Gospel.

Noahs Ark

But, as usual, the hateful, negative comments have filled the comment sections of nearly every website or news outlet covering the story. The atheist trolls, the angry agnostics, and even a few “old earthers” couldn’t keep from mocking the project.

“What a waste of perfectly good money. Tax the churches immediately. Ya’ll are missing a HUGE revenue stream.”

“Millions of people have no homes but we need a full scale replica of Noah’s ark…way to go humanity…”

“They’re building something from the Old Testament so they can teach people about Christianity? The ark is about Noah not Jesus. How about doing good deeds and maybe using all the $$ to help the needy rather than build a useless boat.”

“Wow what a waste of time,money, energy, and talent to replicate a work of fiction…”

Brilliant, aren’t they? Scholars, scientists, philanthropists. humanitarians, and economists…the whole lot of them.


OK, so it’s all a waste of perfectly good money, you say? Really? How does one actually waste money, anyway? By building a huge ark?

So, a guy spends millions of dollars (hypothetically) on a project of mammoth proportions. Where does his money go? It goes to contractors, skilled labor, unskilled labor, artists, designers, and fees to state and local governments. In other words, it went to put food on tables, send children to school, pave roads, keep families together, and help keep local municipalities funded.

Yeah, what a waste.

Seriously, what is the problem with someone spending money? Do you trolls ever protest the latest mansion your favorite Hollywood star is building? I mean, seriously, how many square feet does one person need? Do you call that a waste? Or, do you just envy it and wish you had it?

You see, it’s not about the money.


A work of “fiction”? Even though nearly every ancient civilization has a “flood story,” you discount Noah’s ark as a work of fiction. Or do you just mean the Bible? Yeah, that’s what you’re really referring to.

I read another comment that blasted building this ark because it perpetuated a “myth.” Like one of the comments above, the writer was livid over how so much money could be spent on a “piece of fiction” rather than feeding the poor.

I wonder if all the Ark haters are also protesting George Lucas and Disney (and all involved) for perpetuating the myth of Star Wars? What about Disney World? What about all the millions of dollars being spent to create a whole park just for the Star Wars universe? A waste, you say?

No, it’s not about the “myth,” either.


The real problem people have with these ark projects (including Ken Ham’s in Kentucky) is the ultimate message: There IS a GOD who judges mankind. All the ark-hating is just a ruse.

It’s not about money, folks, because they don’t complain about video games, weed, or fast food – which is all a waste. It’s not about fiction or myth, because these arrogant snots are more than happy to fork out millions for the latest Harry Potter book or movie ticket.

No, it’s about the prospect of being held accountable unto their Creator, which is so terrifying they must live in denial as they mock and ridicule believers.


Oh, and to the know-it-not, would-be biblical scholar in the comment section: The Ark IS about Jesus! Try getting your theology from Scripture instead of the Huffington Post; you might learn something.



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4 responses to “The Ruse of Ark-Hating

  1. “The Ark IS about Jesus!” My thoughts exactly as I read the “comments” you included in this post.

  2. Shelby

    Great posts and excellent points! 😎

  3. You nailed it! What an amazing feat to build an ark with our tools today. I am in awe of Noah.

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