The Peril of Beholding to King Makers: The Anatomy of a Governor’s Wrong Decision

Being that I’m on spring break and doing other things (like uninterrupted study! Yay!), I’m not going to tackle the cowardly, anti-First Amendment veto of Georgia HB 757 (which I took the time to read). Instead, I’ll just let Dr. Tom Smiley do most of the talking. Should I write much more my mood will be ruined and my blood pressure could spike.

Have a great day, y’all.

Tom Smiley

I will never forget the conversation.

I asked a very talented, gifted and bright young leader in Hall County why he was supporting a particular political candidate and running himself.

I have never forgotten his response, “I’d rather be a King Maker than a King.”

Truer words have never been spoken with regards to our Governor’s veto of RFRA (HB 757)

I am writing with no “ill intent” to our present Governor.

While I did recommend him to my South Georgia family as a man of conservative values, I’ve really never had a more than casual conversation with him. I suppose I didn’t fully investigate his conservative roots and strength to stand against great pressure.

No doubt about it, I have several disappointments regarding the Governor’s recent veto of HB 757.

It concerns me that he doesn’t know the values and character of Georgians.  I am offended by his use…

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