Why So Sad?


This morning I had the opportunity to meet with several other pastors from our area for a time of prayer. We met at White Oak Baptist Church where Dr. Tony Wilson is pastor.

Let me just say, it’s a great thing when pastors can get together and pray for each other, without having to worry about being jealous. Too many pastors are jealous of the ministries of their peers, but it shouldn’t be that way. We should be praying for each other and for the greater good of the Kingdom.


While we were there in the kitchen area of the church where we met to pray, I noticed several tables covered with stuffed animals and a few toys. Evidently, all of these were about to be taken to Jamaica on a mission trip.

Something about those piles of stuffed toys made me pause. I don’t know why – maybe it was all the color catching my eye – but I had to take a picture.


Once I finished editing this picture (with BeFunky), I looked at it and then realized that this was probably the saddest picture I’ve ever seen in my life! I just couldn’t figure out why.

UPDATE: I figured out why this picture makes me feel sad. The little teddy bear all alone, just tossed on a pile of other unloved toys. It’s just lying there, staring upwards with unblinking eyes, wondering where everybody has gone, unable even to right itself. Abandoned.

Good grief. I’ve got issues.

What are your thoughts? (about the picture, that is)


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7 responses to “Why So Sad?

  1. Charise Collins

    Representative of sooo many children needing to be made happy? The fact that we actually have to do that, because life for children should automatically be good and cheerful? Maybe?

  2. The Teddy bear in the center seems sad

  3. Charise Collins

    Oh! I thought the teddy bear’s head belonged to the polka-dot-pants-and-pink-feet body. I was slightly disturbed by this face with the mass on its forehead until I realized it’s true owner’s body is actually upside down and that forehead mass is indeed his muzzle. I see his little nose-less self now 🙂

  4. Tony

    Enjoyed the prayer time my brother and great friend.

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