Save the Pragmatism For Later

The following is an iPost.

Today is Super Tuesday, the day when people in 13 states go to the polls to cast their ballot for the person they think should serve as their party’s nominee for President.

Unfortunately, many are not going to cast their vote based on principle or for conscience sake. No, many are going to the primary polls with a resigned sense of pragmatic inevitability. They are going to vote for the one they think is going to have the best chance of winning.

But why? Why not use the primary election to vote your conscience? Why not take this time to vote based on principle? Why not go ahead and vote for the one you REALLY want to be President, not the one everyone says in “inevitable”? If he’s inevitable, voting  on principle won’t change things, but at least you’ll have a clean conscience.

When the general election rolls around, that’s when you can be pragmatic, if necessary. You will have already voted with your heart, then you’ll be able to vote with your mind. With only two choices, one has to be better than the other in some way, so think what’s best for the country and vote accordingly.

But for today, vote for who you really want. Who knows? Others may feel the same way.


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