Making Church a Priority

One never knows what tomorrow may hold, so I am going to post twice in one day! This time around it’s about going to church.

Dr. D. Martin Lloyd-Jones once said: “The preacher after all is not speaking for himself, he is speaking for the Church, he is explaining what the Church is and what these people are, and why they are what they are.” In addition to that, it is through, in, and by the gathering together of God’s people in one place to worship that He does some great things unable to be duplicated over the internet, through reading, or TV and radio. Going to church on a regular basis is being replaced with a lot of things, but nothing compares.

The views in the following post by Josh Lowrance mirror mine. We should not forsake – or substitute with something else – the assembling of ourselves together. Go to church! Jesus told us to, and we need it!


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  1. We have talked before in our house that if somebody wandered in the room and asked on a Sunday morning..”Hey, we goin to church today?” Somebody would, as my wife likes to say, get passed through a wall.

    It’s just what we do

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