Should There Be Another “Daily”?

It’s not that I’m looking to busy myself with more than I can handle, for I really don’t have a lot of time to spare. However, I would like your opinion about another blog I’ve published.

i4dailySeveral years ago I started a photo blog called i4Daily. The purpose of the blog was nothing more than to give me a place to post pictures from my iPhone 4 (and 4S) and possibly share some quick, little thought.

It went well for a while, but then other iPhones came out, the resolutions kept getting better, and I was left with jealousy in my heart. The result was that I only published 2 pictures in all of 2015!

In either January or February I will be getting a new iPhone to replace my cracked and worn 4S (yes, it still works). My question to all of you is this: Should I resume taking pictures?

Here’s another question: Should I rename the blog?

Below are links to some of my more favorite posts from years past. Let me know what you think.

January Sunrise

Trash Can

Terminal Lights

Cold Day, Hot Coffee

New Hair

Delta Queen Staircase


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2 responses to “Should There Be Another “Daily”?

  1. I miss i4 Daily – so would welcome more posts. My 4S looks immaculate but ceased to be of any use more than a year ago. First the on/off button stopped working, then the headphone socket, then the WiFi. I kept going with it as long as I could on a SIM only contract but in the end had to replace it with a 6 – the camera on this phone is the best I have had. I didn’t rate the phone cameras previously but this one I use a lot.

    Thanks for the Christmas card and family photo – Beth has the same onesie as your student.

  2. I agree with David (including the thanks for the Christmas card … did you get my text? Ha ha! Multimedia conversations.) I may not be incredibly active in the online front these days, but I do read everything everyone posts. The images would be nice to see, again. At the same time, and I am sure you know, only do it if you have the time!

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