10 Signs We Are Living As A Legalist

As part of my December campaign to share other blogs that are worthwhile (Share and Share a “Like”), here’s a post that is right down my alley. As a recovering legalist, it’s always good to learn new ways to determine if I’m reverting. Casey Lewis has some solid suggestions.

Here’s my suggestion… Go to Christianity Matters and read this post, along with the companion ones. Then, if you like what you read, let Mr. Lewis know with at least a “like.”

Christianity Matters

Legalism is a damaging man-made religion that draws us away from relying on Jesus’ work to relying on our own work. It is defined as an excessive and improper use of the Law, which occurs when we use the Law either to attain or maintain our salvation.

Using the Law to attain or maintain our salvation is not wise, nor good because all those who rely on the works of the law for salvation are under a curse and must keep all of them (Gal. 3:10; James 2:10). Of course, that is not something we can do because none of us are, nor will we ever be perfect.

While we may know the dangers of legalism, we may still find ourselves slipping into legalistic tendencies from time to time, which means it’s important we are aware of the signs that point to legalistic living.

10 Signs We Are Living As…

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3 responses to “10 Signs We Are Living As A Legalist

  1. Russell Bantin

    I think you will find this VERY interesting …

  2. Anthony, I saw this post from Casey Lewis the other day and was going to send it to you and forgot and then you posted it. Some good points!

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