“Maybe You Should Seek Counseling?”

The Atheist

Every once in a while I encounter one of those atheists. Those atheists are the ones who troll the internet in search of Christian blogs, their prime objective being to “enlighten” us (i.e., intimidate us into silence) with their browbeating, far-superior intellects and firmer grasp on all things biblical and theological. They are the bullies of the blogosphere, dutifully heeding Richard Dawkins’ call for mockery.

Today, one of those atheists made a comment on a comment I made on another blog. His tone was condescending, irreverent, and vulgar (in his particular shade), just as always. Then, after some purposeful sarcastic language from me (which is all he is now qualified to receive, for it’s obvious anything more is casting pearls before swine), he said: “You really do have issues, Anthony. Maybe you should seek counselling?”

My response…

“Ha! You don’t know the half!”

His reply…

“You are right, I do not. But maybe this is half the reason you sought your god in the first place, perhaps?”

My response…

“Actually, that’s why my God sought me (Luke 4:18).”

His final reply, showing complete and willful ignorance…

“Really? What were you doing, Anthony, lurking in a back-alley?”

I Have Issues

The thing from the above exchange that stuck with me was the comment about me needing counseling. If the truth be known, we ALL have issues, and I am certainly no exception. For that matter, I am well acquainted with counseling and counselors.

It wasn’t worth my time to go into any detail with the obviously antagonistic troll who only wanted to get a rise out of me. Had he been one who really cared, if it would have done any good, I might have shared with him some deeper truths concerning the atonement and redemption, of the God who came to seek and to save the lost, to heal the brokenhearted.

But he scoffs at all that. He is no sinner. There is no God to whom he must answer. There is no need for crutches; he’s not crippled!

But I am broken. I am wounded. I do suffer from scars. I do deal with painful memories. I don’t have all the answers when I hurt, much less answers for others. I long for ultimate redemption! I do struggle with temptation. There are times when I feel overwhelmed, afraid, helpless, and hopeless. And yes, sometimes my faith gets weak.

Sometimes I do hide from my God…in my thoughts…in my books…in activities…even in the occasional dark and secluded place – much like a back alley.

But then Jesus comes looking for me, saying, Anthony, where art thou?

My response?

“Here I am, Lord.”

His reply…

“I know, but why?”

My response…

“I was ashamed. I was afraid. I was angry at You, and myself, and angry I felt that way.”

His reply…

“Son, you’ve got issues.”


“I sorry…..  I’m so sorry.”

His still, small voice…

“I know, son. But hey! I’m your Counselor! Let’s talk about it.”

Then what follows is the kind of counseling those atheists will never be able to understand…because they don’t have issues.


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8 responses to ““Maybe You Should Seek Counseling?”

  1. ColorStorm

    Well put together and firing on all cylinders; no hesitations nor misses.
    Most importantly, truth and God honoring.

    And on a related note………after all, His name is Wonderful,
    Counselor. Yep, in him dwells all the fulness of the Godhead; not a bad idea to acknowledge the owner of all wisdom.

    And I have a line I use every so often, speaking of scripture: ‘They believe none of it, yet want answers from all of it……….’ Truly bizarre.

    • The Isaiah 53:5 Project

      Wonderful counselor is right CS. That being the case, we all need some counseling.

      • ColorStorm

        Ah but James, the tried and true version makes Him ‘Wonderful,’ comma, Counselor…. 😉

        I suppose there are many wonderful counselors, but none whose names are Wonderful. Not to strain at a gnat, but this is a strain worth noticing. 😉

        But still, any body could appreciate the worth of the Wonderful Counselor more than someone who gets only the grammar correct! In this we agree.

      • I just now got your point, sir. Sorry for taking so long. But you are correct in that the Messiah would be called “Wonderful” and “Counselor.” The Tree Hugger Version (THV) translator missed that, sad to say. Should we petition for an edit?

      • ColorStorm

        It’s all good.

  2. Hey Bro Anthony. Great stuff well done. I for one, thought sarcasm was well placed and well aimed. I was rather impressed. Some were not huh?

    Loved this especially how you took that rude comment and brought great truth and application to real life out of it.

    @ ColorStorm. That line of yours…one of my favorites.

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