The Christian’s Life

Another Sunday is just around the corner, and many pastors, including myself, are putting the finishing touches (as best we can) on sermons to be delivered. Many of us will put in long hours of study and contemplation in preparation for those few moments during which we expound God’s Word.

What is your duty? What is your responsibility as the parishioner, the church member, or simply the Christian who randomly wanders in to hear some preaching?

As William Gurnall (17th century English clergyman) said…

“The Christian’s life should put his minister’s sermon in print.”

Please, dear Christian, don’t waste what you hear; put it into print with your life.



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3 responses to “The Christian’s Life

  1. Anonymous

    Very well said and Amen! Finishing my touches as I type.

  2. This is good Anthony. Kind of reminds me of looking in the mirror and walking away forgetting what you look like.

  3. Bobby Jarrell

    This is a great article. In the scriptures, when God spoke or when someone spoke the Word of God, there was a response expected from the hearers. The Word of God demands a response!

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