Can my opinion change the way people think or how they react to a given situation? Only if they are willing to listen. 

Listen to me, people. Even though many will jump at the opportunity to use today’s tragedy in Oregon as a tool to remove weapons from the hands of law-abiding citizens, don’t jump on the wagon; think differently. 

Sadly, the most insidious determiner behind today’s loss of life is not the fact that someone was able to get a gun; it was the depravity of sinful man. And, sadly, that simple, yet profound element will be overlooked, denied, and even mocked. 

Today was not the result of a gun problem, but a heart problem. It always is. But no one wants to face that, do they? It might bring up a subject much worse – 



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2 responses to “Oregon 

  1. That is so true blame it on anything except our depraved hearts

  2. Anonymous

    Amen great words and I agree 100% it is a Spiritual matter

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