An Upcoming Flood

Many of you know about my other blog, one I have shared with several others for the last few years. What would you think of starting over?
Any suggestions?

Proverbial Thought (& More)

A few of you have noticed that there have not been many new posts in the last week or two. There are several reasons for this, among being too busy to stay on top of it.

One problem that I (Anthony) have had with the republishing of some of our “thoughts” has been with the subject matter being dated. For example, those that were written around the end of December were likely to have themes centered around Christmas. As you can imagine, reading about Christmas coming up while in the middle of summer heat can be a tad confusing, if not distracting.

You see, if I had planned ahead to re-release all of our posts on Proverbs we might have done things a little differently. On the other hand, had we kept the immediacy out of it the freshness of the moment would have been lost. Oh well.

Honestly, when…

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