How a 35 Year Old Jewish Lawyer Finds Jesus

Honestly, I wanted to write about something else (Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast – you’ll be surprised at my take, I bet), but before I had a chance I took the time to read Wally Fry’s blog, Truth in Palmyra. I am so glad I did.

Seriously, I was moved to tears while reading Melissa’s story of becoming complete in Jesus, her Messiah. Oh, folks, there are so many more out there like her, like she was, hurting and empty without hope. Won’t you share this story with them? Lead them to the cross.

Truth in Palmyra

A….35 year old…..Jewish….lawyer…finds Jesus. If the emphasis on those three things seems a bit much, allow me to explain. We all know that the older one is, the more resistant one tends to be to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most people, if not converted by 35 will not be. I have nothing against lawyers, but the facts are that overall, with their emphasis on proofs and logic, attorneys might not seem prime candidates to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Last, but not least; we have Jewish. As a whole, the Jewish people have rejected Jesus as the Messiah, and conversions are not that common. So, what we have here is a 35 year old Jewish Lawyer who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Meet Melissa Zellniker Presser. Melissa is one of my blogging friends and dear Sister in Christ.  With that introduction behind us; I will…

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5 responses to “How a 35 Year Old Jewish Lawyer Finds Jesus

  1. Bro Anthony…how sweet it would be if just one Jewish person was reached through this!

  2. mzpresser

    Thank you for sharing my story my dear brother in Christ. For me, it is all about sharing my journey in transparent truth and always, always, always in love. I pray my words fall on good soil. God bless you

    • I am honored you took the time to comment. The one thing about the internet that can be a curse is also a blessing: what gets put on the internet is forever. Even if there is no immediate fruit from this “seed,” the ground beneath it is always changing. One day, who knows when, His Word through your word “will not return void.”

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