Who Am I?

Wow! Just…WOW! This post is from a blog I just started following, and it will surely be part of a future sermon. Who am I? Read and find out 😉

Kim's Blog

I am an Israelite in the desert, You have delivered me and still I doubt. You have performed miracles before my very eyes, and still I question You.
I choose the world and then curse You when everything goes wrong. I keep turning away, and yet You still protect me and give me chances that I don’t deserve.

I am Jonah, running in fear from the purpose You have given me.

I am Gideon, I try to tell You that You’ve got the wrong one, that I am not good enough to do what You need done. I doubt that You can use someone like me.

I am David, I allow my momentary impulsive desires to compromise everything You’ve built and everything You’ve done for me.

I am a pharisee, I consistently choose legalism and rules over truth and compassion.

I am the rich young ruler, unable to part with…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! WoW!

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