Merry Christmas, Nevertheless

Good Morning!

I don’t know where you are right now, or at what time you are reading this, but thank you. The fact that you simply stopped by is a blessing.


Matching pajamas for our girls on Christmas morning 🙂

At this moment my wife and oldest daughter is making breakfast right beside me (the computer is in the kitchen). They are making a traditional Baker-family Christmas breakfast – breakfast pizza. The rest of the family is still in bed; it was a long night.

For the first time in years the whole family is here in our home and waking up together. Well, when I say “whole family” I mean all of our girls: Alicia, Katie, Haley, and my wife and me. Josh, our son-in-law, is here too (along with their dogs: Henry and Lily).

Anyway, for those who might be reading this – and I don’t expect many this day – Merry Christmas!


You may be one of those who ask, “But what about all the trouble in the world?” I understand, believe me; there is a lot of pain and suffering, more than enough of deprivation to go around. But Christmas isn’t about the Western idea of gift-giving indulgences; it’s about God’s gift to fallen man.

Yes, I know Jesus probably wasn’t born on December 25.

Yes, I know we Americans over do it much of the time with the gift giving and stuff.

Yes, I know that many in the world live in poverty, never able to give gifts much more valuable than a slice of bread or piece of fruit.

Yes, I know that many even question the existence of God or the historical Jesus.

Yes, I know that Santa Clause is not omnipresent.

Yes, I know that someone will probably give us fruitcake that someone gave them last Christmas…which was given as a gift by someone else the year before.

Yes, I know it’s possible you are not a believer, but…

Merry Christmas, nevertheless. 



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18 responses to “Merry Christmas, Nevertheless

  1. Merry Christmas to you too Anthony. Enjoy your family!

  2. A Happy Christmas to you and your family Anthony. Read this after lunch. Next thing on the agenda is the Queen’s speech!

  3. ronald

    merry Christmas from Ronald Michele Wendy have a good one

  4. Thanks Anthony for the follow…you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:
    Great outlook for all of us during the Christmas Season

  6. pm466

    Merry Christmas  to you also

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  7. Anthony it is True on Christmas Day we celebrate the greatest gift given to Mankind, Jesus Christ who came to set us free from the punishment of our passed sins and freedom from the slavery of sin, we rejoice just as the Angels did on the night He was Born and we also see the Holy Spirit’s prompting in the Christmas Carols to remember Jesus Birth but of course as we remember this wonderful happening everyday as they did in the early Church.

    Jesus Christ’ Disciples also recorded in Scripture Jesus birth for us long before Constantin and Pope Julius1 officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December, so we have no doubt that it is God’s will for us to also rejoice and give thanks at this time.

    As for the Pagans rituals of worshiping their gods at Christmas, they also do this all year but however we Celebrate or what symbols we use to do so, we don’t have their focus and God knows our hearts, we Love Him and do not commit spiritual Adultery with man made gods of our own understanding, this grieves God, He tells us in Scripture not to call good what He calls evil, He also tells us much more than once to reject Pagans teaching and Cults because it will pollute us but yes we are to Love everyone even if we hate the evil they do and say.

    We are also to rebuke those who sin, warn of danger and correct error if needed in regards to those who claim to believe in Jesus Christ in the Church, this is so Satan does not get a foothold in their lives which means if he does they may than pollute the Body of Christ too, sadly many have itching ears.

    I was part of a Christian Baptist Church for years but sadly deception was accepted and taught and their focus was on material wealth but this is the same with some other Denominations, it was prophesied that the Church would be in darkness in the end times and that the shepherd would lead their sheep into error.

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne.

    • Thanks for your comment, Anne. The only thing I would like to question is the “Christian Baptist” part. I am curious about that, for, you see, I am a Baptist. However, the thing about Baptists is that there is a lot of variety that resides under that label; one Baptist is not necessarily like the other.

      • Good to catch up with you again Anthony, I must make it clear that I’m not against any one Denomination, they all have Truth and error, the error is mainly because they are Trusting in man’s understanding not God’s, they claim to know the basics but don’t as they are confirmed in Scripture.

        As a Child I went to Sunday School in a Baptist Church and it was were I first found out about Jesus who was my friend until I was deceived into believing I came from an Ape at School , to save detail here I will leave a link.

        I started going to a Church of Christ Church when I was 30 which was very much like the Baptists except for Communion which we had every week, we were there for over 20 years, Ron was the Senior Elder for over 18 years and was than their Pastor for a few years until he retired.

        When we moved to Queensland we started going to a Baptist Church and continued there for over 8 years, Ron was an Elder, lead the Worship Team and Preached on roster.

        One thing that disturbed us was, we had been supporting a young girl with Baptist World Aid for quiet a few years and than my letters were censored and all mention of Jesus was deleted, I was told we were not aloud to evangelize anymore. I was an R.E Teacher and have been for over 18 years, so my communication was acceptable to a child’s level of understanding, we found out later through our Minister and he was not happy about this either, that if they Evangelized, meaning they shared about Jesus in the Countries they were helping, they would loose their Tax concession.

        We moved from the area not long after this and Ron is now the Administrator and Secretary in another Church of Christ.

        Blessings – Anne

  8. Sorry I forgot the Link….

    Childhood -


  9. Trying the Link again Anthony, it normally works but than you may have it set not to accept links, we will see, I will take it from the Post this time, not my folder.


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