“Help me, Sweet Jesus”

As I read the tragic story of three people dying after a hot-air balloon caught fire and crashed in Virginia, my heart broke.

What struck me most was what a witness said she heard coming from flaming basket. When I read these words, tears filled my eyes…

Help Me Jesus

Folks, why does it take things like this to remind us of reality? Life is precious. Life is short. Life is as fleeting as the morning mist. We are ALL going to die, some sooner than later. Why, then, do so many wait till it’s too late to cry out to God?

It makes me sick to think of the terror that these three people must have endured. They knew, as evidenced by their screams, that death was imminent. It’s hard to imagine what they were feeling. But here’s the thing: so many more know they are dying, yet feel no urgency, no need to cry out to Jesus. That’s even more tragic!

If more could sense the imminent horrors of an eternity without God, then more would cry out, even now, “Help me, help me, sweet Jesus, help!

Dear Father, please comfort the grieving families of those lost in this accident.

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