4 Years with WordPress

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Wordpress anniversary thank youBelieve it or not, as of yesterday I have been blogging as The Recovering Legalist for 4 years! So that means I am no in my fifth year of blogging, I guess. Actually, I did start blogging with Blogger before I came to WordPress, but that didn’t go so well. It was a blog for my church, so writing posts about personal issues and Monday Monkeys wasn’t appropriate. And anyway, I didn’t like Blogger.

Friends and Enemies

Over the last four years I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people. Most of my followers are people I have never met in person, but know only through the internet. Some of those followers I consider close friends, even if we have never even met (I don’t recommend looking for dating relationships that way, though). On the other hand, I have also made a few enemies, or should I say, established non-friendly relationships. A few of my posts have attracted the ire of some hateful, angry, arrogant souls who diametrically oppose everything I believe. Too bad for them, I say.

Wonderful Opportunities

The last four years have given me the opportunity to impact the lives of people around the globe. How amazing is that! I think the last time I counted it was over 140 countries in which this blog has been viewed. Who knows what impact it has made? All I do know for sure is that there have been a few people who have come forward and told me that what I have written in the past has helped change their lives – literally. Some have actually been set free from legalistic churches and the bonds of legalism. Many have found encouragement through posts I have written during my own times of pain.

Only God knows the full ramifications of this blog and others like it.

Thank You!

I know that there are some of you who follow this blog just to get noticed. Some of you have read this blog by accident, only to realize you didn’t like what you saw. But to those of you who regularly read my feeble attempts at writing, I thank you. All of you Christian bloggers out there, keep up the good work. As long as this form of medium is available, let’s use it for the glory of God. We may never know on this earth who we are reaching, but one day we will know as we are known.

God Bless!


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2 responses to “4 Years with WordPress

  1. Congrats on Four + Years of Blogging!! May God continue to bless you in your ministry!

  2. Chris Jordan

    Congratulations on four years of blogging… that’s 1,460 days! Keep up the good working, sharing challenging, encouraging and inspiring posts about God’s Word, and His work in your life… you are impacting lives!

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