How it Will Really Work

While I worked on a research paper due tomorrow morning, the President rejoiced over his political victory in the Supreme Court. The reality of his health care policy then caused me to think of the following words.

Eyes are burning,
There’s much to do.
Paper must be written,
I’m nowhere near through.

I’m drinking a lot of coffee,
I’m eating lots of snacks,
But I don’t have to worry,
Obama’s got my back.

“Stop your learning!”
Says Capital Hill.
“Your behavior is risky,
It might make you ill.”

But what of my paper?
My final report?
Can I not appeal this?
Have I no retort?

“I’m not your momma,”said Mr. Obama,
“But let me be perfectly clear,
“You do what I say, come good or bad grade,
“Or my health care won’t cover your rear.”

“I will determine if what you are doing
Is worthy of tax payer dimes.
Any activity determined a risk to thee
Will cost you in IRS fines.”


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