Subscription Contest Ideas


I want to thank you for subscribing to this blog.

What? You haven’t subscribed? Why not? Don’t you want to be updated every time I feel inspired to create a literary work of greatness? Pfff…like you’ve got other things to read….riiiiight.

Seriously, if you are a subscriber, I do want to thank you. Your decision to click that little “sign me up” button has, and always will be a little source of encouragement.

The Contest

I am not the biggest, most famousest writer in the blogosphere. All one has to do is look at Heather Joy’s blog to realize I am on the fertilizer level of the readership totem pole. But, I would like to change that, with your help, of course.

Why don’t we set a goal for 100 subscribers by the end of the year (Right now I have 36)? Do you have any ideas how that could be done? If I do reach 100 subscribers by the end of the year, what could we do to celebrate?

The Payoff

One idea I have been tossing around is a random gift certificate giveaway – something like a $20 gift certificate to The Cracker Barrel. Another idea would be to invite all my subscribers out to eat at a local restaurant (I’d buy dessert). Maybe one lucky subscriber could be randomly selected to receive a lock of my hair for a keepsake….oh, that wouldn’t work, would it?

Do you have any ideas? Just keep them inexpensive. I don’t make anything from this site, you know.

Buddy (a.k.a., Monday Monkey) and I thank you!


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5 responses to “Subscription Contest Ideas

  1. How about a cookie cake? I always liked those.

    Also, you have more actual subscribers than I do. I am not sure about how many people read through facebook/twitter, but that is where most of my readership begins their journey.

  2. roy cavender

    will I get to be in the contest?

    • Absolutely! All subscribers will be in the pot – a pot of names, that is. I will ask a third-party, computer-illiterate, non-contestant to draw winners. The best drawings will win. 😉

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