I Will Remember

Ten years have come and gone, and many have already forgotten what happened on September 11, 2001. But I won’t forget.

Not only will I not forget, I will choose to remember.

I will remember…

  • that freedom isn’t free, and there are those who want to steal it.
  • that Christ came “to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them that are] bound;” therefore America is never more “Christ-like” than when its people shed their blood for the freedom of others, whether they love us, or not.
  • that two, huge buildings once stood where one that doesn’t do them justice stands now.
  • that it wasn’t secularists, militarists, or white, Anglo-Saxon protestants that crashed four aircraft on that day, killing thousands.
  • that Islam is the enemy to liberty and freedom, no matter what the media or Muslim apologists attempt to say.
  • the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople – they weren’t converted to Islam through peaceful conversion.
  • who is considered the “Great Satan” and what countries are truly religiously intolerant.
  • the heroes who went back into those buildings to rescue anyone they could.
  • the heroes who fought back and said, “Let’s roll!”
  • the heroes who go into harm’s way for freedom every day.
  • that if it were 50 years ago we would have rebuilt the twin towers bigger and better, and would have said to the terrorists, “Just try that again!”
  • that if we had had generals and a president with the mentality of those in the 1940’s and before, there would be a lot of glass parking lots in the middle east right now.
  • that America was founded by men who knew God; who recognized the hand of Providence; and who knew when to bow a knee and call to God for deliverance.
  • that we (and all freedom-loving people) are in a life-and-death struggle between opposing worldviews – a war. Losing can’t be an option.

I will also choose to remember, and not forget, that America, no matter its current faults and flaws, is made up of a people, who, when push comes to shove, will take the fight for freedom anywhere in the world. We will also defend it. That’s who we are.

God Bless America!


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3 responses to “I Will Remember

  1. SteveC

    That was the most politically incorrect but TRUE thing I’ve read in a while. Great post.

  2. I will remember that dates such as 9/10/11 are mathematically significant and call for “Suspenders Days” (I am wearing some suspenders at this moment), and since Fridays are “Wear Red Fridays” to remember the troops I will also wear a red shirt on September 11 to help me remember! I think tomorrow is also a Suspenders Day.

    I also remember that you are quite right, and I agree with SteveC.

    And I remember that it is only the love and grace of Jesus Christ that can change this world.

  3. roy cavender


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