Free Speech? Oh, Pleeease!

If you haven’t heard by now, the Supreme Court has ruled 8-1 in favor of Westboro Baptist Church. The case involved whether or not the church had the right to picket and protest at the funerals of fallen soldiers. According to all but one of the judges, they do.

Judgment Day

Image by M.V. Jantzen via Flickr

They have the right to carry signs that read, “God Hates America,” “God Hate Fags,” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” to the streets surrounding funeral homes where brave sons and daughters lie. They have the right to carry their signs and bring their voices as close as they can to the funeral processions and cemeteries. They have the right to free speech, no matter if it is hurtful. Free Speech? Oh, Pleeease!

Amazing, isn’t it? Hurtful, hateful speech being allowed by the Supreme Court of the United States, yet students can’t post the Ten Commandments or pray for the safety of other students at ball games? Are they kidding? What about the guys in Detroit who were arrested for handing out Christian literature at an open-to-the-public Muslim event? What about all this talk about alienating Jews and Pagans from Christmas by putting up a manger scene – AT CHRISTMAS!!? – on public property?

OK, that’s fine. There is something else that can still be done.

Rolling Thunder and Patriot Guard Riders

Maybe you have never heard of them, but there are groups like Rolling Thunder and Patriot Guard Riders (I put a links at the bottom of the page.) These are the type of guys that need to be recruited to guard every soldier’s funeral.  I have seen them in action, too, and it works. Evidently, people in leather riding Harley’s intimidate loud-mouthed pseudo-Baptists. Who knew?

When the first soldier from our town died in this conflict, around two hundred bikers came and stood vigil. They made a barrier around the funeral home, each one holding an American Flag. They took turns and stayed until it was time to go to the cemetery. Nobody from ANY protest group dared show up. If they had, well…..

Every once in a while people need to make a stand for decency and honor. Every once in a while, Americans need to make a stand on behalf of those who serve and protect us. When it comes to the funeral of a fallen soldier, we should assert our right to peacefully assemble and protect mourning families from these heretics from Westboro Church.

John Wayne, from "The Green Berets"

Sometimes, however, I imagine, “what would John Wayne or George S. Patton have done?” I wonder what Buford Pusser, the real-life sheriff from McNairy County (made famous in the movie Walking Tall) would have done if Westboro protested in his town. I wonder…..Oh, I wonder.

“Fair and Balanced”

Now, please notice that I linked stories from both Fox News and CNN. I didn’t want to be considered biased (hmmm). However, one thing became obvious to me: even though both networks covered the story, and both networks “more-or-less” sided with the father of the slain soldier over the kooks at Westboro, one network took a little more time making sure the reader knew that the “fundamentalist” church was “anti-gay.” Surely, they have no agenda, do they?

Fox News - Fair & Balanced


Patriot Guard Riders

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  1. Great minds must think alike I bloged about this today too.

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