Wearing Crocs to the Hospital

Life has happened pretty fast over the last year. I just looked and it has been almost a year since I last posted anything.  How sad!

I think that one reason for my long absence was my lack of things to say, especially in the light of so many other blogs that have so much content. Does it ever cross anyone’s mind as to what these people do fo a living? I pastor a church, drive a school bus (which I hate), and go to school full-time (I just started back this summer on-line at Tennessee Temple). Well, I have something on my mind today.

What should a preacher wear to visit a church member in the hospital? I have always been accustomed to dressing up, at least in such a way that looked dress/casual. Today is going to be different. It is going to be 100 degrees again. Our only car just lost its air conditioning. So what am I going to do?Wear a silk camp shirt (untucked with palm trees on it), blue jeans, and a pair of crocs with no socks. Is this wrong?

Appearances do have a lot to do with how people perceive us.  In reality, going to the hospital to visit the sick, especially the dying, may not be best accomplished with Crocs and a cool shirt.  There are times when tact and wisdom are needed.  In other words it is very un-cool to wear a t-shirt to a funeral.  Pastors are real people, though.  Sometimes our congregations want to feel like you are accessible now and then.  When they want a friend, they like the blue jeans.  When they need a spiritual rock, a leader, a prophet of God, I think they usually prefer the suit and tie.

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