A Poem for Our Youth Pastor

I will paraphrase what our Youth Pastor, Jared Bolstridge – a wise, world-traveling, Dallas Seminary-attending, well-read theologian-in-residence – said to me after our prayer meeting Wednesday night:

“Yes, I read all your posts, but I’m gonna be honest with you…I love ‘ya, brother, but I’m usually wiping the sweat off my face, worrying about what I’m about to read.”

So, since I know he’s going to be reading this, worrying whether or not I am going to slip and say something doctrinally unsound or politically unsavory, I figured I’d write him a poem.

An ‘Ode to Jared Bolstridge

I have a Youth Pastor

A solid staff member

A reader, a preacher, a saint.

He’s a seminary student

A worker who is prudent

But a calloused Senior Pastor he ain’t.

I know he will be reading

The words I now am writing

While blotting nervous sweat from off his brow.

But fear not, dear Youth Pastor

The words that I must plaster

Will n’er give glory to a golden cow.

imported on thanksgiving 009

Wait…is it OK for a guy to write a poem for another guy? I’m confused. Wait!! If I’m “confused,” then it would be appropriate. But, I’m not that confused!

NOTE TO SELF: For future reference, never write a poem for or to another guy, only about him.



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2 responses to “A Poem for Our Youth Pastor

  1. Watch out. If you start writing poetry it might take over your blog. That’s what happened to me.

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