Totally Cool Total Gym

Look what Santa brought us this year.

Because we have expressed interest in living longer and looking better in the mean time, Santa brought us a Total Gym. This is the same machine that Chuck Norris uses to maintain his world-conquering physical fitness. Santa knew that I wanted to look like Chuck (especially since my middle name IS Charles).

The Total Gym

Well, if you have ever wanted a machine that does what it was designed to do, then this is it. It was designed to deceive you into thinking that sliding up and down on a smooth platform was easy. It was designed to deceive you and kick your fat rear! This dang thing is HARD!

I have been a member of places like the YMCA and The Sports Barn. There were days in my past that saw me in pretty good, fighting shape. The days in my here-and-now see me as barely capable of getting out of bed if my pillow is on top of me. The Total Gym is capable of replacing most all of the expensive machines one would pay to use in the exercise facility. If there is machine at the YMCA meant to work a part of your body, the Total Gym can do it as well.

Believe me, I am hurting. I am sweating. I am panting. Not only did I get a strength workout, but also a cardio one.  Don’t look at the Total Gym and say, “All you’re doing is sliding up and down that ramp.” It’s not that simple. The Total Gym works on the principle of gravity; and gravity is unforgiving. It will kick your butt.

I am not getting compensated for this. All I am doing is saying that if you have the space (we’re just using our living room, right now), the determination to improve yourself, and the willingness to pay out a few dollars (compared to an annual club membership), then get one of these. You will be impressed.


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