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Anthony’s Appetite #5 (the wedding)

I like food, but it is weighing heavy on me. Something has to give.

Young love, how sweet!

On New Year’s Eve I performed a wedding in St. Petersburg, Florida. Everything was so sweet and romantic, especially the gazebo and view of the Gulf Coast. What happened after the wedding is the subject of this post.

If you are ever in St. Petersburg, and you want to eat Italian, try the Palm Court Italian Grill located in the Trade Winds resort on St. Pete Beach (http://www.tradewindsresort.com/dining/palm-court.aspx). We walked there from the beach, but you will probably have to drive.

For an appetizer, I had their Traditional Crab Bisque. For those of you who don’t know, it’s like a thick, creamy soup. According to the menu, it was made with an Italian brandy cream. I don’t know what Italian brandy is like, so I’ll have to take their word for it. It was very creamy, though. Oh, and it had crab meat in it. Simple, huh? Yeah, and fattening.

My wife ordered her own appetizer. She selected Bruschetta (roasted garlic, plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, smoked mozzarella, piquillo peppe & basil pesto). She really liked it, which frankly surprised me. Valerie is not one to eat tomatoes. I didn’t care for it too much, however. The dish had a lot of potential, but I believe there was an excessive amount of olive oil used.

After the appetizer I chose the Club Croissant. You normally can’t go wrong with a club sandwich, so I figured I was safe. This was no ordinary club sandwich, though. As the name implies, it was on a croissant. That added a whole flaky texture that made it a little difficult to hold the contents together when taking a bite. Don’t get me wrong – it was tasty. All of the ingredients (smoked turkey, smoked bacon, swiss cheese, etc.) came together nicely. It was a filling sandwich, especially when served with the cool pasta salad.

Delicious cake from Publix

Interestingly, the bride’s mother purchased the wedding cake from Publix. White cake with raspberry filling and a cream cheese icing – marvelous! One piece was enough to add an inch to my belt line.

Because of all this eating, and all of the eating before, the new year has begun with a change in diet. At my doctor’s recommendation, I have started the South Beach Diet. I am too important to my family to die early like my dad did. In the near future you will hear of how losing weight can be tasty, too…..I hope.

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